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Internal and external caravan repairs in Shropshire

To ensure that you benefit from the comfort that your caravan is designed to provide during trips away, contact B M G Caravan Services and Repairs in Shropshire if anything is not quite right with your caravan.


With our mobile services in Shropshire & Mid Wales, we can come to you to carry out a wide range of caravan repairs, including plumbing, internal & external electrical faults, damp repairs, and more. Alternatively, for larger jobs, we can do the work at our fully equipped workshop in Shropshire.

Wide range of repairs and servicing

- Plumbing repairs for caravans & motorhomes

- Internal and external electrical work

- Damp checks and repairs

- Servicing for tyres, brakes and chassis

Variety of vehicles

- Caravans

- Camper vans

- Motorhomes

- Touring caravans

Cost-effective caravan servicing in Shropshire

The mobile caravan servicing offered by B M G Caravan Services and Repairs in Shropshire and Mid Wales enables you to get the best value out of caravans, motorhomes and camper vans, whilst keeping them safe and reliable. For further information, contact us today.

Caravan servicing & repairs in Shropshire